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    Trogon Cabin

    Trogon Cabin was the very first cabin built. It is attached to the main house and is soundproof.

    It offers added privacy because the entrance is separate and visitors do not have to walk through the main house. It has a double bed and a single bed.

    This cabin has a toilet and shower with hot water. The gardens around the cabin are quite lovely and well maintained and the pool is only a few steps away.

    Parakeet Cabin

    Parakeet Deluxe Cabin offers a private patio and garden that looks out to Cerro Chirripo. It has a lovely dining area, kitchen, and sleeping area. It is fully equipped with linens, dishes, pots, pans, stove coffee maker and fridge. It has a Queen size bed. Parakeet Cabin offers private bathroom with hot water and access to the swimming pool.

    Hummingbird Cabin

    Hummingbird Cabinis a small and comfortable cabin located below the main property, it offers extreme privacy. It has 2 separate bedrooms with double beds and shared bathroom with hot water.

    The main lodge is 100 meters up the hill.

    Mot mot Cabin

    The Mot Mot is attached to the Parakeet Cabin, however, totally separate with private bathroom, shower and hot water. It has a double bed, single bed, patio, view of the gardens and Cerro Chirripo, close access to the pool.

    Toucanet Cabin

    The Toucanet is a smaller cabin with a double bed, private shower with hot water. It has an outside sitting area with view of Cerro Chirripo, gardens and close access to the pool. This cabin is ideal for a single person, however, can be used for two people.