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    Birds of Costa Rica

    870 birds have been recorded in Costa Rica. 600 species are permanent residents. Over 200 species of migrant birds reach CR every year. This is amazing considering the fact that the entire country is only about the size of West Virginia. Costa Rica has more birds than all of North America north of Mexico. It could be possible that Costa Rica is the only country to have so many bird species located in such a tiny area.

    Our Bosque (forest) offers a quiet environment for birdwatching. We have numerous well maintained trails for easy hiking and birding along the way, as well as great open areas and forest edges where a lot of the bird life concentrate. Many birds can be seen simply from the veranda, if a person is unable to hike. Tanagers, hummingbirds, and parakeets are usually feeding in our gardens.

    We get a combination of middle and high elevation species due to our elevation (1700 m.a.s.l), and our open areas, secondary forest, thickets, and primary forest provide great habitat for many species. Temperature also makes birding very pleasant!

    Please check out our bird list!