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    Cash payments only, in dollars, colones or euros.

    Reise Know-How

    Lonely  Planet

    Squirrel Cuckoo

    Bird List

    Highland Tinamou R
    Great Tinamou R
    Grey Headed Chachalaca R
    Black Goan R
    Fluffy Crowned Wood Partridge R
    Black Eared Wood Quail R
    Black Breasted Wood Quail R
    Spotted Wood Quail R
    Black Vulture R
    Turkey Vulture R M
    Swallow Tailed Kite R RR M
    Bicoloured Hawk R
    Barred Hawk R
    White Hawk R
    Black and White Hawk R
    Red Tailed Hawk M
    Broad Winged Hawk
    Short Tailed Hawk R M
    Swainson's Hawk M
    White Tailed Hawk R
    Sharp Shinned Hawk M
    Ornate Hawk Eagle R
    Grey-Necked Wood Rail R
    Scaled Pigeon
    Band Tailed Pigeon R
    Ruddy Pigeon R
    Short Billed Pigeon R
    Mourning Dove R M
    Buff Fronted Quail Dove R
    Squirrel Cuckoo R
    Smooth Billed Ani R
    Costa Rican Pygmy Owl R
    Bare Spanked Screech Owl R
    Central American Pigmy Owl R
    Mottled Owl R
    Unspotted Saw whet Owl R
    Common Paraque R
    Dusky Nightjar R
    Black Swift R M
    Chestnut Collared Swift R
    White Collared Swift R
    Vaux's Swift R
    Costa Rican Swift R
    Bronzy Hermit R
    Green Hermit R
    Stripe Throated Hummingbird R
    Green Fronted Lancebill R
    Brown Violetear R
    Green Violetear R
    Purple Crowned Fairy R
    White Crested Coquette R
    Green Crowned Brilliant R
    Magnificent Hummingbird R
    Fiery Throated Hummingbird R
    Loni-billed Starthroat R
    Plain Capped Starthroat R
    White Bellied Mountain Gem R
    Purple Throat Mountain Gem R?
    White Throated Mountain Gem R
    Magenta Throated Woodstar R?
    Ruby Throated Hummingbird M
    Volcano Hummingbird R
    Scintillant Hummingbird R
    Violet Saberwing R
    Stripe Tailed Hummingbird R
    Garden Emerald R
    White TailedEmerald R
    Violet Crowned Woodnyrnph R
    Charming Hummingbird R
    Snowy Bellied Hummingbird R
    Rufous Tailed Hummingbird R
    Blue Throated Golden Ida R
    Collared Trogon R
    Orange Bellied Trogon R
    Violaceous Trogon R
    Resplendent Quetzal R
    Blue Crowned Mot Mot R
    Rufous Tailed Jacamar R
    Red Headed Barbet R
    Emerald Toucanet R
    Fiery Billed Maori R
    Chestnut Mandibled Toucan R
    Olivaceous Piculet R
    Acorn Woodpecker R
    Hairy Woodpecker R
    Smoky Brown Woodpecker R
    Golden Olive Woodpecker R
    Lineated Woodpecker R
    Pale Billed Woodpecker R
    Red Crowned Woodpecker R
    Barred Forest Falcon R
    Collared Forest Falcon R
    Laughing Falcon R
    Bat Falcon R
    Sulfur Winged Parakeet R
    Barred Parakeet R
    Red Fronted Parrotlet R
    Brown Hooded Parrot R
    White Crowned Parrot R
    Plain Antivireo R
    Slaty Antwren R
    Immaculate Antbird R
    Silvery Fronted Tapacula R
    Oliyaceous Woodcreeper R
    Tawny Winged Woodcreeper R
    Wedge Billed Woodcreeper R
    Black Banded Woodcreeper R
    Black Striped Woodcreeper R
    Spotted Woodcreeper R
    Brown Billed Scythebill R
    Spot Crowned Woodcreeper R
    Streaked Xenops R
    Buff Fronted Foliage Gleaner R
    Scaly Throated Foliage gleaner
    Lineated Foliage gleaner R
    Streak Breasted Treehunter R
    Slaty Spinetail R
    Spotted Bobtail R
    Ruddy Treerunner R
    Red Faced Spinetail R
    Yellow Bellied Elaenia R
    Lesser Elaenia R
    Mountain Elaenia R
    Olive Striped Flycatcher R
    Slaty Capped Flycatcher R

    Paltry Tyrannulet R
    Common Tody Flycatcher R
    Seale-cresteSgmy-Tyrant R
    Eye Ringed Flatbill R
    White Throated Spadebill R
    Bran Coloured Flycatcher R
    Dark Pewee R
    Western Wood Pewee R?
    Tropical Pewee R
    Yellow Bellied Flycatcher M
    Yellowish Flycatcher R
    Tufted Flycatcher R
    Bright Rumped Mille R
    Dusky Capped Flycatcher R
    Great Kiskadee R
    Boat Billed Flycatcher R
    Social Flycatcher R
    Gray Capped Flycatcher R
    Golden Bellied Flycatcher R
    Tropical Kingbird R
    Masked Tityra R
    Barred Beard R
    Black and White Beard R
    White Ruffed Manakin R
    White CrownedManakin R
    Blue Crowned Manakin R
    Yellow Throats Vireo R
    Blue Headed Vireo R
    Yellow Winged Vireo R
    Brown Capped Vireo R
    Philadelphia Vireo M
    Yellow Green Vireo RR M
    Rufous Stowed Peppershrike R
    Brown lay R
    Blue and White Swallow R M
    Scaly Breasted Wren R
    House Wren R
    Ochraceous Wren R
    Rufous Breasted Wren R
    Plain Wren R
    Gray Breasted Wood Wren R
    American Dipper R
    Black Faced Solitaire R
    Gay Coloured Thrush R
    Mountain Thrush R
    White Throated Thrush R
    Slaty Backed Nightingale Thrush R
    Ruddy Capped Nightingale Thr. R
    Swainson's Thrush M
    Orange Billed Nightingale Thr. R
    Northern Water Thrush
    Long Tailed Flycatcher R
    Tropical Mockingbird R
    Black & Yellow Silky Flycatcher
    Flame Coloured Warbler R
    Ovenbird M
    Tennessee Warbler M
    Black and White Warbler M
    MacGillivray's Warbler M
    Mourning Warbler M
    American Redstart M
    Tropical Panda R
    Bladcbumian Warbler M
    Chestnut Sided Warbler M
    Yellow Throated Warbler M
    Townsend's Warbler M
    Black Throats Green Warbler M
    Golden Crowned Warbler R
    Wilson's Warbler M
    Slate Throated Redstart R
    Collared Redstart R
    Golden Winged Warbler R
    Three Striped Warbler R
    Bannaqult R
    Cherries Tanager R
    Flame Colored Tanager R
    Blue Gray Tanager R
    Palm Tanager R
    Blue and Gold Tanager R
    Golden Hooded Tanager R
    Speckled Tanager R
    Spangle Cheeked Tanager R
    Bay Headed Tanager R
    Silver Throated Tanager R
    Scarlet Thighed Dacnis R
    Blue Dacnis R
    Green Honeycreeper R
    Streaked Saltator R
    Buff Throated Saltator R
    Blue Black Grassquit R
    Variable Seedeater R
    White Collared Seedeater R
    Yellow Faced Grassquit R
    Slaty Flowerplercer R
    Yellow Thighed Finch R
    Large Footed Finch R
    White Napped Brush Finch R
    Chestnut Capped Brush Finch R
    Rufous Collared Sparrow R
    Hepatic Tanager R
    Summer Tanager M
    Western Tanager M
    Scarlet Tanager M
    White Winged Tanager R
    Common Bush Tanager R
    Sooty Capped Bush Tanager M
    Rose Breasted Grosbeak
    Bronzed Cowbird R
    Yellow Billed Cacique R
    Baltimore Oriole M
    Blkac Cowled Oriole M
    Scrub Euphonia R
    Elegant Euphonia R
    Golden Browned Chlorophonia R
    Yellow Bellied Siskin R
    Lesser Goldfinch

    241 species reported

    birds_in_costa_ricaBlack Guan
    Bay-headed Tanager
    Blue-crwoned Motmot
    Collared Trogon
    Green-crowned Brilliant
    Mottled Owl
    Specled Tanager
    Slate-throated Redstart
    Baltimore Oriole